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Long distance dating might be one of the hardest and most exhausting ways to date a person. Even harder than long distant dating is switching to it because the person you are dating needs to move out of reach.

How do you make your relationship not follow the saying ďOut of sight, out of mindĒ? It is hard, and that is the first thing you should keep in mind. It is very hard transitioning from going out on dates with your boyfriend or girlfriend at least every week, to seeing them over the internet.

The best way to start in a long distance relationship is to have high expectations from it. Donít think that if itís a long distance relationship you donít need to put in some effort into keeping the love alive, or that it is ok to cancel virtual dates you established with your loved one. Also, itís vital to not be a gelos type. It makes no sense sitting at home wondering how many girls your boyfriend has seen today, and how many times he had the opportunity to cheat on you. All relationship should be based on trust and respect so always have this premise in mind: he/she wouldnít cheat because there is respect involved, and you shouldnít doubt your partner because there is a lot of trust in your relationship. After having those basics down, you have to bring some optimism in your life. Think how lucky you are that in a long distance relationship you will get to communicate so much more with your boyfriend. Plus, the times you see each other face to face will be that more special. Of course the most important thing you should be appreciative of is the internet. Think about how difficult long distance relationships were a few decades ago, or hundreds of years. Donít you feel better now? Online Dating

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